here’s the final final of my narrative i changed the volumes on some of the parts so you could hear the reading better.


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here’s my final project there’s some weird color thing that flashes and i can’t get it to stop but other than that it turned out great

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experimental sound piece

Here’s the link to my experimental sound piece that I created for class.  I used found sounds from what we recorded and combined it with loops that i used and created in garage band


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I’ve been thinking real critically about blogging and how my preceptions of blogging have changed big time. when i first learned that i would have to be blogging i was less then thrilled to say the least. i thought it was kinda creepy and i didn’t feel like i had anything important to say. i just thought of blogs either being silly or something that people that didn’t have anything better to do to complain on. when we had the assignment to research blogs i was astounded! i couldn’t believe how many interesting and cool blogs there were online (also i didn’t realize how many crazy people had blogs hahaa). i now use some of the music and culture blogs to catch up on things that i have missed. blogs have completely changed my perception of information and how to attain it. whose to say that anyone can’t make a website and fill it with false information . why do we always rely on the news? blogging is not as threatening anymore, now i use blogs almost everyday!

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rainy and gross

ew it sure is yucky outside today.  i have been couped up inside doing work for various classes and it has got me thinking about the school system and what needs to be improved.  i am going to be doing the professional semester next semester and  i CANNOT  wait to start teaching!  i like teaching so much because it challenges me consistently.  it challenges me mostly because it makes me realize all of the things that need to change to create a healthy atmosphere for students to learn.  and when i say students i mean every student!!  I think that educators often to quickly give up on a student and don’t put the time in to really learn what that student is interersted in and how they can achieve as learners.  i think that the rigid school system that is now in place MUST change in order to reach out to all students regardless of their learning abilities.  because i believe that all students want to learn i just think that not all teachers want to teach and teach well!

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my narative!!

I would give myself a 5 on this project because i put a lot of time and thought into it.  i really like the way that it came out, and i’m impressed what you can achieve with a couple of video clips and a silly story.  i think that it’s so interesting that movie making has become so excessable to everyday people.  it’s not something that’s just for the elite movie makers anymore.  it’s something that everyone can access and create with.  you don’t even need a budget to create an effective piece.

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david reese

when i left the david reese lecture it felt like i had just went to listen to a comedian more than a visiting artist. he was witty and fun and thought really well on the spot. his one liners were priceless and the way that he read his cartoons outloud was really funny. i know that he swore a lot but as he explained in his lecture it was a huge part of his work. without the swearing his cartoons would have been like any other satirical material. but with it, it added a whole new element.
i also really enjoyed his material. the sarcastic way that he presented today’s problems was genius. his statements were so blunt and honest you couldn’t help but listen. i personally really enjoyed his lecture and his look on life. his works were different then traditional and that’s what made them interesting. i hope that he comes to visit again.

i would give myself a 4 on this becuase; first of all i went to the lecture and second, i talked about it and though critically about it afterwards.  i think that his lecture was so intersting and hillarious.  i thought it was more interesting though that so many people were offended by him.

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